Who we are

Behind Cioccolata Ciocconi® there is the knowledge of Italian honey handed down by 3 generations of beekeepers, and a recipe left to me by my grandparents, and subsequently modified to guarantee its stability,
making it fluid and aromatic.
But above all there is a group of chocolate professionals
known by chance on the web in April 2018! 
I was looking for a subcontractor to take care of production, packaging and shipping, and I found him in a small family business in Lazio, led by a young and brilliant guy, Francesco.
Once the agreement was found, this adventure of mine began!
Within a few days my clients arrived, but I quickly realized that something was happening internationally in January 2020, when a large client, with whom I was in the process of signing a very substantial agreement, backtracked.
Hence the brilliant and fortuitous idea of opening an e-commerce site and therefore after less than 1 month and in full pandemic, even if with some concern, I wanted to give this opportunity to the Chocolate of the Bees. 
Cioccolata Ciocconi® is a brand born during one of my nights, troubled by thoughts as a single mother, with the desire to exploit an idea to be independent and be able to grow my teenage son in serenity.
I still can't say I made it, but I'm on the right track!
Cit. Anna Barcelli