Il Ruolo delle Donne, dalla Nonna alla Nipote

The Role of Women, from Grandmother to Granddaughter

Meanwhile, the eldest daughter of Ausilio and Dalma, Manuela, had also joined the business, and with her they greatly increased not only the sale of the various honey blooms (wildflower, sunflower, chestnut, strawberry tree, sulla, acacia), royal jelly, pure propolis in pieces, but also pure alcoholic and non-alcoholic propolis flavored with strawberry for children, box with honeycombs full of wildflower honey, beeswax soap. 

At the time I was playing only a secondary role but of some importance, as my grandmother Dalma made sure that every Friday morning I was there to help them as an interpreter for our beloved foreign clients, including Americans, English, Russians, Australians, but especially Germans and Swiss! 

My grandmother Dalma was very busy and I loved watching her explain the fatigue and sacrifice behind the work of honey extraction, of the evenings spent arranging bees for the night, the fear that bees would suffer cold during the winter. 

At that time I was about 20 years old, I had returned from a 3-month work-study experience in Bremen in Germany, and I had already been working in the tourism-hotel sector for 2 years after obtaining my linguistic diploma and gaining experience in France and in Sweden. 

It is thanks to his determination and passion for that work that I began to realize that sooner or later I would have the opportunity to apply innovation to a family tradition that had been handed down for more than 130 years ...

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